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  What is an Ignition Interlock Device?    
        An Interlock is a device connected to the ignition of your vehicle. The device tests breath samples for alcohol. If the driver’s Breath Alcohol Content is above a preset limit the Interlock prevents the vehicle from starting.      
   What is an In-Home monitor?    
    An In-Home monitor tests breath samples for alcohol. You will be required to blow into the machine at least three (preset) times each day.      
  Does installation of the Interlock damage the vehicle?    
    No. The Interlock installation is similar to that of a car alarm. It causes no damage to the vehicle, and does not void any warranties on the vehicle.      
  Can I have work or repairs done to my vehicle while the Interlock is on it?    
    Yes. You are required to provide us with a receipt ANY time work or repairs are done to your vehicle – even if there is no charge for the work.    
  How long does it take to install the Interlock?    
    Installation takes up to an hour and a half.    
  How long does it take to set up the In-Home monitor?    
    Set-up takes about thirty minutes.     
  How long does it take to recalibrate the Interlock?     
    Recalibration takes about fifteen minutes.      
  How long does it take to recalibrate the In-Home monitor?     
    Recalibration takes about fifteen minutes.      
  How long does it take to remove the Interlock?     
    Removal takes about twenty-five minutes. You MUST have a Removal Order from the court for the Interlock to be removed.      
  How long does it take to remove the In-Home monitor?     
    Removal takes about ten minutes.     
  Do I need an appointment?     
    Generally, yes. We are able to accommodate walk-ins with our drop-off service, but you will need to leave your vehicle with us for the day.      
  What do I need to bring to my appointment?     
    Please bring: (a) The Install Order from the court, (b) a copy of your valid insurance, and (3) a valid government issued photo ID.     
  How often do I need to have my Interlock or In-Home machine recalibrated?     
    Your Interlock or In-Home machine must be recalibrated every 30 days.      
  Can my attorney get copies of my reports?     
  Are there ever false readings?     
    No. The interlock contains an alcohol-specific fuel cell. This means that the interlock only detects alcohol.     
  Is there anything I can’t eat or drink while using one of these devices?     
    Do not eat or drink anything except water while driving your vehicle. Try not to eat or drink anything other than water for about twenty minutes before starting your vehicle.     
  Is there anything else I can’t do?     
    The devices are alcohol sensitive, so anything that contains alcohol must be avoided. This includes cough syrup with alcohol (it will say on the label), cologne, hand sanitizer (for example, Purell), etc.     
  What happens if I fail a test?     
    If you fail a test there will be a temporary lockout. During the lockout period rinse your mouth out with water. After your lockout period provide another breath sample. Failure to provide another breath sample is considered a violation. Call our office to describe the situation.     

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